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 Compact Flash Computer

Compact Flash Computer
MotherBoard System
with WiFi CF card
Compact Flash
CF Storage and Serial
Now with CF storage and RS232
 Compact Flash Computer
Compact Flash Computer
CarrierBoard System
C Data Solutions introduces the first in a family of miniature embedded linux single board computers (SBC) for industrial standard I/O cards.

The Compact Flash Computer provides a flexible solution to the design problems presented by the numerous differing applications of embedded computers

The Compact Flash Computer is designed to give application engineers a common base on which to build systems to satisfy multiple system requirements. Computer Flash Computer does this by providing

1) A miniature computing platform in a standard form factor
2) A structure enabling commercially available Compact Flash cards for expansion and flexibility
  • 43 * 37 * 5 mm
  • Compact Flash Type II Card
  • 16 Bit CF expansion bus
  • Interfaces to CF cards
  • 32 bit Coldfire cpu
  • 32 MB SRAM
  • 8 MB FLASH
  • ucLinux
  • RS-232
  • Motorola BDM port

The Compact Flash Computer utilizes Motorola’s Coldfire MFC5272 processor. The on-board flash memory file system provides storage for the operating system (ucLinux) and user applications. Expansion is via a 16 bit bus compatible with Compact Flash devices. Up to eight devices can be integrate into a system using the Bus Extension Unit (CF type II device). 

The Compact Flash Computer eases and reduces software development costs by providing an RS232 interface and access to Motorola’s Background Debug Mode (BDM) signals.  Software development tools and the operating system are free.

Build systems using 3rd party Compact Flash Cards (CF+) RS232/485, ethernet, Bluetooth, 802.11b, GSM, GPRS, GPS and many more.
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